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About Us

Tom-André Sivertsen

Tom-André Sivertsen is CEO and co-founder of Tectal AS. He contributes with electronic development, testing and management. Tom-André is master of space technology from the University in Narvik. In addition he has education within management and leading high performance team.

He has developed emergency LED lighting system for offshore application, together with product development in GE, Oceaneering and OneCo for the past 10 years. In these years Tom-André has develop subsea product such as LED lighting, electrical actuators (linear and rotating), 360° pan/tilt camera, energy storage modules and general control system development.

Tom-André Sivertsen contributes with valuable experience within product and electronic development, and management.

About Us

Lars Wessel

Lars Wessel co-founded Tectal AS in 2016. He contributes with many years of experience from industrial design, testing and management.

Lars is a mechanical engineer from the University in Stavanger. In addition he has education within automation and electro as well as being a certified mechanic.

He has many years of experience as supervisor, designer and test engineer for AF gruppen. He has worked with testing of offshore windmills for ABB and mechanical design for offshore industry at AkerSolutions.

Lars contributes with valuable experience about product development and testing of equipment.

About Us

Torbjørn Hurlen

Torbjørn Hurlen has over 40 year experience from offshore industries, with 25 year as maintenance manager in Statoil.

Torbjørn has during his working career maintained and developed electrical systems for offshore platforms. As part of this he has been a key role for development of new electrical products such as emergency lighting for helideck.

About Us

Jan Olav Løhre

Jan Olav Løhre is electrical designer for industrial equipment. He is specialized on product certification on ATEX and CE certification. Previously he has been Certification Manager for all electrical equipment in OneCo.

Jan Olav has over 40 years experience with product development from companies as Hineco and OneCo.

Jan Olav has valuable knowledge within product certification and electrical product development.